Distribution and logistics

Here is an overview of our normal logistics procedures.

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After a purchase has been agreed with Moestue Grape Selections, our logistic partner Skanlog, takes over the day to day handling of the order. Skanlog offers a full service in logistics and have the following responsibilities:

- Register the new product in their system and issue the formal purchase order (PO) on our behalf
- Responsible for transport and documents
- Unloading of goods and quantitative control upon arrival
- Storage of the wine
- Distribution of the wine in Norway, to Vinmonopolet shops and restaurant customers

For all new purchases Moestue Grape Selections register every wine into the Skanlog system before a written PO can be issued. We will therefore send a sheet with information required for each new product we purchase. You will receive the formal Skanlog PO with unique number a few days after these details have been received by us.

Please take careful note of all information given on the Skanlog Purchase Order, this is important for preparing the collection.

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After receiving a PO from Skanlog, we ask all suppliers to do the following:

- Confirm to Skanlog that you have received the order and that collection can take place during the week requested
- One week before collection you must re-confirm the exact possible collection date to the transporter (contact details in the Purchase Order)
- Skanlog requires euro-pallets and maximum pallet height is 180cm (pallet height and total gross weight must be confirmed to the transporter for every order)
- Any delays must be informed to the transporter by copy to Skanlog

Documents for export to Norway: non-EU member state:

DAA: As Norway is not a member of the EU, no excise number exists.

Our VAT number is: 76311396 MVA.

It is the transporter’s responsibility that the page 3 of the DAA document/Ausfuhranmeldung is returned to you. To secure this return, please prepare an envelope with your address to deliver to the driver.

CMR: This is the international freight document and transporter’s legal documentation of loaded quantity.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +47 23 20 32 00 or moestue@moestue.com.